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Gua Sha Facial

The Gua Sha Natural FaceLift is an alternative facial therapy that involves gentle scraping of your skin with a jade or rose quartz massage tool to improve your circulation & lymphatic flow. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, Gua Sha (pronounced as “gwah-shah”) has been used to treat various ailments for over 3,000 years! Why? Because its benefits go far beyond relaxation & reduced tension. Not to mention, East Asian medicine places value in the energy that certain objects carry, and materials like jade and rose quartz are known to carry healing energy.

Image Signature Skin Peel

The Enzyme-Based Image Signature Skin Peel utilizes a results-driven treatment that combines vitamin C, hydroxy acids and enzymes to speed up your skin’s cellular renewal. This treatment is perfect for those who have acne and acne scarring, sun damage, dry & dehydrated skin, smoker’s skin, rosacea, pigmentation, or even just dull skin that needs a pick me up. 


Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation process that gently removes the outer layer of your skin (this is where your dead skin cells are commonly found). The treatment is done using a professional diamond tip Microdermabrasion Machine that gently “sands away” the dead skin cells to reveal the smoother, softer skin underneath. Removing these devitalized skin cells from the top layer of your skin creates a smoother skin surface and accelerates healthy dermal production.

Buccal Massage *NEW* 

Praised as “the ultimate facelift alternative” without going under the knife, buccal massage is currently practiced by only a handful of facialists in Canada & the U.S., and I was lucky enough to receive one by a woman whose own face is proof that it really works.


Just as the name suggests, microneedling (aka skin needling) is done with a device covered with tiny, shallow needles that gently poke microholes in the skin surface. These “punctures” are actually therapeutic to the skin because they cause a ‘micro injury’ that prompts the skin to stimulate collagen production, filling in fine lines, plumping the skin, evening out skin pigmentation and contributing to a more youthful look.


Dermaplaning is a procedure that exfoliates your skin and gets rid of the dirt and “peach fuzz” on your face by removing the top skin layer. This procedure aims to remove fine wrinkles and deep acne scarring, as well as to make the skin’s surface look smoother and more “polished”. Following the treatment, makeup application is smoother and other skincare products are able to penetrate deeper and thus maximize their effectiveness. 

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